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pringle many another gorgeous day ahead and lauren cook looking at the roads. >> roads. >> reporter: yes. traffic is picking up. but i think everybody is wake up with a smile after the ravens game last night. >> what a game. >> pretty nice. pretty nice way to start the season. >> i will take it and we will take good weather. >> perfect. >> for the orioles win. >> exactly. >> i will keep it coming. we like this start to the day. right? but wu as you look at this, don't want this to fool you. you need to bundle up a as you head out this morning. yes i said bundle up. maybe i am exaggerating a little bit. but check out temperatures in bel air. 47 degrees, yes, it's cool out there this morning. chilly so make sure to have the jacket as you step out and about and the dew point at 45. so we have some dry air in place this morning. and dry air will continue as we go through the day. and 54 degrees right now in bladennen orgburg with temperatures at 49 and glen burnie at 53 and the dew point at 48. so wind out of the northwest nice and light but switching
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directions going through time and with that we will be saying -- seeing dry conditions and on maryland's most powerful radar as of now. we look at the hour by hour forecast and as you plan your day accordingly and we are dealing with crisp weather once again by 8:00. that's sticking around. sunshine will stick around for today as well. lunchtime coming in at 73 and we will be close to 80 but still coming in below average. nice and pleasant. no complaints whatsoever as we head into the 3:00 hour. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we have the first accident of the day. in northwest baltimore on park heights at drew it's park drive. traveling on west side, expect heavy days. traffic is really picked up here at liberty road. outer loop just crawling right now and it's going to take you 11 minutes to travel from 795 down toward interstate 70. the inner loop going to be pretty sluggish heading up towards 83. and looking live at 95 at 395,
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no delays heading through the fort mchenry tunnel. harbor tunnel going to be nice and clear and using the jfx, no problems and the harrisburg expressway in great condition from the maryland pennsylvania state line down to the beltway. that takes you 22 minutes altogether. megan over to you. 6:32. you are looking live from new york city as the sun starts torise. 11 years ago today our lives were changed forever and today we are going to take a moment to honor those who lost their lives on september 11th. linda so is live downtown this morning and you are going a tell us about the special memorial a lot of people don't know about this because what makes it eu meek is you see it once a year. >> reporter: we are hoping for clear skies naturally you can see it happen. we are right here in front of the world trade center. this is the 9/11 memorial for maryland and in just about 15 minutes, when the sun comes up, the building will actually cast a shadow that will move across the memorial and hit
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inscriptions on the backside indicating what happened on september 11th 11 years ago today. it honors 69 marylanders who died on september 11th. this is one of the twisted steel col up from the world trade center -- columns from the world trade center when it collapsed. it list names and pictures of the marylanders who died. so starting at 6:44 this morning when the sun comes up, a shadow will move across the memorial and highlight the specific times when the planes crashed into world trade center at at pentagon and shanksville. again this happens once a year. we are hoping for a clear skies because last year it was overcast. you couldn't see it happening. but it's to honor all those who lost their lives on 9/11. 11 years ago today. live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. the first responders who risked their lives on september 11th may be getting some help. this is all in an effort. it is believed some emts fire fighters and police officers were exposed to -- toxins at
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ground zero shortly aftersen september 11th and base on new evidence, the federal government announced about 50 new cancers will be covered by a nearly 3 billion dollar settlement fund that was set up for victim compensation. >> that first responders who were there for us, we are now going to be there for them. and we are going to compensate them and help provide treatment. >> the first responders compensation fund went into effect last year but no additional funds are expected to go into it even with the cans are announcement unless congress puts more money aside for it. 6:34 right now. and video you don't want to miss. surveillance video captured a burglary suspect taking a nap. after trying to commit a crime. look at this. it happened in north carolina. a stranger used a shovel and then a butcher's knife to try to break into a barbeque restaurant. this went on for a and they say about 30 minutes. that door would not budge. the man became so tired from trying to get in he sat down
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and ended up falling asleep. waking up a whole three hours later. >> it makes you mad what you worked for all your life and then somebody tries to take it from you. >> he walked away empty handed, but if deputies find him, they are going to arrest him. they do have an arrest warrant out for this guy. they say they will charge him with attempted burglary. you couldn't miss it. the video has been making national headlines. you probably seen a florida pizza shop owner giving president obama a huge bear hug. he liveed the commander and chief about a foot off the ground. and he recently spoke with cnn's wolf blitzer about what made him do it. >> i guess i got caught up in the moment. aid brief moment when i knew he -- it's a brief moment when i knew he was coming and he opened up and said where's scott and when i saw him he came at me and shook my hand and i was so excited i just gave him a big hug and picked him up. it was crazy.
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>> the florida shop owner describes himself as a registered republican who voted for obama in 2008 and plans to do it again in november. all the attention hasn't been positive. according to politico he says some people are boycotting his business because of that bear hug that so many people have seen. bigger screens and faster internet there's a lot of rumors surrounding the iphone 5. we will tell you what you could be seeing about the iphone and when. and you don't want them getting their fingers all over your expensive reader. one company says they have a solution but the question is is it worth it. 3q it's like chicken and crunchy stuff got married! i only use french's french fried onions on my crunchy onion chicken because it's america's number one brand. just minutes to make, then bake! a great clean doesn't have to take longer.
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6:39 on this september 11th of the thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. the wait is almost over. tomorrow we are expected to get
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a first look at latest iphone and a lot of you have been waiting for this. but it may not be the only product that apple is unveiling. a new ipod could actually debut at tomorrow's press conference. it could be on sale as early as this week. iphone 5 is anticipated to launch friday september 21st. an ipad for kids seems a little ridiculous and expensive this time of school year. so, if you are one of the parents who cringe cringe at the thought of -- cringe at the thought of letting your child play with your pricey ipad a tabio is available for under 150 dollars at toys r us featuring a 7 inch screen and wi-fi connection and it's 50 free loaded kid friendly apps. so this tablet features also a soft bumper to protect it if it is dropped and extra internet safety controls. it's available online and will be in the stores starting next
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month. we have been rooting for him. the 17-year-old who was shot on the first day of school. he is home this morning. we will tell you what he is looking forward to and now he is home. and college kids and credit cards is is an easy trap to fall into. what your kid should know before they head off to class with the classmates. and temperatures are in the 40s and 50s this morning. i will tell you when they get more seasonable levels coming up. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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this is your abc2 news to g thanks for joining us. charley is off today and i am megan pringle. we will start with meteorologist lynn jet charles look at what -- lynette charles looking at what you are facing as you head out. >> beautiful skies out there. look at ocean city and this beautiful sunrise this morning. this will continue as we go throughout the day. the sunshine that is. but we are facing temperatures on the cool side. grab the jacket as you head out and about. 61 in ocean city. 49 in indian head. jefferson at 47 degrees. we have the influence of wate
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keeping it milder this morning. but we are cool in indian head and jefferson and as we look at what's going on in terms of the wet weather, we are not seeingany. that's not going to happen any time soon. it's in the forecast and i will talk about that coming up. but before so let's get the hour by hour foreyou and this is what it looks -- for you. this is what it looks nice andcrisp. sunshine heading into lunchtime continuing into 3 or 4 with the high right around 77. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. traffic is picking up. we are dealing with a crash in northwest baltimore. that's right on druid park drive. and traveling on 795 expect delays due to a crash that cleared from the southbound lanes at franklin boulevard. and as you make your way down to the beltway, this is exactly what it looks like at park heights avenue. it's extremely slow right now. traffic at a standstill. so if you are headed to this area. be sure to leave yourself extra time. and here's a live look at 695
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in parkville. inner loop nice and clear heading -- heading towards 95 but outer loop jammed continuing as you make drive up toward providence road. don't forget we are giving away 600 dollars in free gas to enter the couldn't test. just like my official abc2 news facebook page and we will draw a win they are friday. now over to you. >> thanks. chances are you note ravens won but last night's game was not all about what happened on the field. paying tribute to the man who made football possible in baltimore was a huge part of last night. it was season dedicated honor art modell and players wore decals on helmets and close to their hearts underneath the jersey. today they willsay the final good-byes and sherrie johnson is live this morning and art modell made so many friend i have to imagine today is going to be crowded. >> reporter: yes, he really touched a lot of lives a generous person and visionary and many of those folks, friends, family and players former players will turn out
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here a few feet away at the baltimore hebrew congregation to say final good-byes and pay his respects. last night before the first kick off and national anthem everybody paid tribute to art modell. the stadium fell silence. he is best recommended for the contribution for the national football leal league e owned the cleveland browns and ravens from 2003. he he was known for charitable work. ray lewis and roger goodell willspeak at funeral. modell is sur voobd by sons and six grandchildren. the funeral -- survived by his sons and six grandchildren. the funeral is followed by a private luncheon and they cd people -- asked people contribute to the seed school in lieu of flowers. sherrie johnson abc 2 news. perry hall teen waking up
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at home this morning, after spending weeks in the hospital. you may remember 17-year-old daniel borowy shot in the back at first day of class. he has down syndrome and has been recovering from several surgeries at shock trauma. this morning his parents say they are grateful for all the support they have received from the community since that shooting. >> a special thanks to all those out there that have been praying, communities coming together, people coming together and praying for our son. >> robert gladden is charged in the shooting and has a bail review set for this thursday. we will keep you posted. tonight is your chance to meet with the new superintendent of baltimore county public schools dr. dallas dance. he is holding 6 commune meetings to meet with parents and talk about school issues. each session will be about 90 minutes long and it's going to start 7 p.m. tonight's meeting is at wood
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lawn high school. there's also one tomorrow night at loch raven high school. keep that in mind and we will post it online at abc2 news.come. a baltimore county father says he waited for his of-year- old-- 6 -year-old son to step off the bus but he never showed up. he started driving towards logan elementary and spotted his son justin walking alone. this happened on the second day of school and a spokesperson for baltimore county public school says that justin was assigned to the wrong bus. however, he he was never left by him -- however, he was never left by hill self. >> i am on my way back up to school he is walking down the street by himself crying. >> the bus driver realized the child was not comfortable after having got off the bus and again the bus driver made sure that they didn't drive off and kept child in their sight. >> justi was -- justin was back to riding the bus later this week. the transportation trying to reach terry campbell to talk
6:50 am
about the incident to see what they can do to ilprove safety -- improve safety and his concerns. 6:49. nfl player from the vikings is spending sometime in the national spotlight but it has nothing to do with his football skills. last week the punter wrote a letter in support of baltimore ravens brandon and he recently was criticized for donating tickets to a fund-raiser supporting same sex marriage. delegate burns wrote a letter to ravens ownership slamming him for what he called a public endorsement of same sex marriage. he told the news station that he basically has the right to support whatever group he chooses to do. >> yeah, because i see it as a civil rights and a free dom speech issue. i mean, people should be free to suprt causes like gay marriage and inequality and it's discouraging to see a
6:51 am
state representative come forward and say no you should be silent because you are football player. >> the letter in support was post and we want to know what you think. if you want more information read it on the wmar facebook fan page and leave your comments. we always want to know what you think. today mosquito control will be out in anne arundel county planning to spray a certain area. and they say trucks will be out after dusk so if you see crews they suggest you head inside. it's not good to be out when they are spraying. they say indoors is the best place to be. that prey is meant to kill mosquitoes carrying west nile virus. health officials say there have been about 14 cases of west nile in maryland. one person has died. if you are looking for a job and the health care -- in thehealth care field we can head over to johns hopkins hospital because the hospital is hoeding a job fair for health information technology graduates.
6:52 am
this job fair will be held on thursday and they say about 200 recent grads in the baltimore washington area are welcome to this. the job fair will allow students to meet with representatives and they can talk to 20 different companies looking to hire staff. johns hopkins is cosponsoring this fair along with george washington university and the university of maryland. keep that in mind. all right. another thing to keep in mind, a consumer alert for you. managing a credit card can help a college student basically pay pretty basically learn pretty positive lessons about money but it can also be a dangerous path to go down. experts at recommend reviewing some really important points before putting that credit card into your college kid' wallet and this is why many they say they include the cards interest rate late fees and penalties and all those things missed payments. what happens if any of that happens. they say the simple thing to do they can basically build good credit pay on time.
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have a good payment history. accounts for 35% of your credit score so aid good way to learn about money-- it's a good way to learn about money. the nemsen company says 3/4 -- neilsen company says 3/4 of the estimated 5 million homes done get cable satellite or broadcast signals. they have t-vs. many say they get the content through services like netflix or apple tv. some people they have cut off the cable service to save money. five things to know as you head out the door this morning. coming up on good morning america journalist bob woodward will be live talking about his new book the price of politics. that book deals with president obama and his handling of the economy. half a dozen wounded veterans from afghanistan and iraq are going to be joining the baltimore canton kayak club to remember the develops of september len -- did victims of
6:54 am
september 11th. flight 93 national memorial honoring victims of united flight 93 in shanksville pennsylvania. vice president joe biden is expected to attend. 44 people died when the plane crashed into a field. in d.c. the annual wreath laying ceremony is happening this morning at the pentagon. president obama and secretary of defense leon panetta will be among the speakers scheduled to attend the event. and also today, all kinds of entertaining things around the inner harbor because of september 11th on this anniversary. the rocking pier to support military families, the concert taking place at the pier near the hard rock cafe. proceed will go towards the fisher house which helps military families in need. you might wonder if good weather is in store for those heading to the inner harbor let's go over to lynette charles. >> yes but it's going to get on the cooler side once again. and we are starting out that way. look at the 40s in manchester. mount airy at 46.
6:55 am
we are at 50 in churchville right now. 51 rock hall. 47 golds bring so we are feeling it this morning. manchester looks beautiful but you need the jacket as you step out and about. a beautiful sunrise. more of the same in annapolis. severn river cranking things up and more boats along the area. but looking at what's going on, high pressure is in control and that's keeping the skies clear this morning and the cool weather on tap for today. and as we go into the rest of the week, but dry conditions will prevail. and this is what the hour by hour forecast looks like going through time today. so lunchtime right around 73 degrees. 77 in and pleasant by three. by this evening temperatures dropping off but quite nice. and if you are heading to the game, first pitch at 7:05 mostly clear and winds light and variable. and that temperature coming in right around 71 and they are playing the rays. there's a check of the 7-day forecast as we will see plenty of sunshine continuing even as we go into the weekend.
6:56 am
but then maybe wet weather work its way in here as we head into sunday. let's check the abc2 timesavertraffic with lauren. >> reporter: good morning. the beltway is going to be the main concern right now. we are dealing with a crash right on the the outer loop at the key bridge and northwest corner, looking live at old court road. almost at a standstill. that outer loop will be jammed all the way down to route 40. and here's what the beltway looks like in parkvale no problems on inner loop towards 95. outer loop sluggish towards providence road. as we leave you on this september 11th, we will leave you with images from 11 years ago today. of course good morning america will have more coverage on this 11th anniversary. have a great day.
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